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Alabama USBC Association

 USBC Association
Open State Tournament Rules

1. RULES and REGULATIONS: United States Bowling Congress rules and regulations will govern this tournament.

2. ENTRANCE ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: (a) Participation in the Championship Tournament of the Alabama USBC Association shall be available to all members of USBC Chartered local associations within the area served by the State Association in accordance with Article 3(b) of the USBC State Association Constitution and all members must have joined a league 30 days prior to bowling. (b) All bowlers will be required to present their USBC membership cards. If unable, must confirm by their local association manager within 7 days that current membership was purchased 30 days prior to bowling. The tournament manager may refuse to permit any team or individual to bowl if it is determined that the entry should not have been accepted due to the individual(s) not meeting membership requirements.

3. ENTRY FEES: Entry Fee in the tournament shall be $26.00 per person per event. Handicap All Events $5.00 (optional) and Scratch All Events $5.00 (optional). Prize fees will be returned 100% in prizes. Each official entry must be accompanied with a completed (all information filled in) form. No entry shall be accepted without fees. All information requested on the form must be furnished or the entry will be returned. Any entry accompanied by payment not acceptable by the tournament manager shall lose its place in the tournament schedule and shall not be rescheduled until an acceptable payment is made.

4. DOUBLES/SINGLES ENTRIES: Doubles and singles are run as one squad. If you enter doubles you must enter singles and vice versa.  Doubles are bowled first and then singles.  Bowlers may only enter doubles and singles one time.

5. ENTRY FEE REFUNDS: No team or individual shall be entitled to a refund after the form and fees have been received and a definite schedule date assigned.

6. AVERAGES: Bowlers will use their highest certified league average consisting of at least twenty-one (21) or more games for the 2015-16 winter or summer season.

a. A bowler having a current season average for twenty-one (21) or more games in a sanctioned league as of January 1, 2017 that is ten (10) pins or more higher than the previous season's average must use the current season's average in this tournament.                b. A bowler without an average during the 2015-2016 winter or summer season may use the highest current season average based on at least twenty-one (21) or more games bowled in a sanctioned league prior to January 1, 2017. Written verification is required. c. A bowler who does not qualify under the above conditions must enter with an average of 220.d. All bowlers will be required to verify and initial their submitted averages as correct prior to the end of the first game bowled. It is each bowler's responsibility to determine that the submitted average is correct. Failure to use the proper average shall disqualify score if the submitted average is lower than the actual average thereby resulting in more handicap or position standings will be based on submitted average if it is higher.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               e. Average corrections can be made up to the end of the first game of a series. Or, if an extension of time has been granted in writing by tournament management before the end of the first game of a series, the correction can be made within 48 hours after the end of the series.

7. FALSIFYING AVERAGES: The team captain is responsible for reporting all averages for the individual members of their team, and they in turn are responsible to the captain. Should it be determined that at any time the averages have been falsified, the team shall forfeit all claims for prize money and entry fee and will be subject to suspension from organized bowling.

8a. AVERAGE RE-RATING: The tournament manager reserves the right to re-rate average under USBC rules 319a, b, c, d, and e.   A bowler who has qualified for a prize of $600.00 or more in any event in a tournament within the previous 12 month period must report actual scores, position and amount won to the tournament manager at time of entry in any for possible re-rating. Such re-rating must be accomplished before the entrant bowls and if not accepted by the entrant, the entry fee shall be refunded. Failure to comply with either of these provisions shall be cause to forfeit tournament entry fee and prize winnings.

8b. Bowlers are required to report to tournament manager or tournament director any adjustments (re-rating) of their average by another tournament or a USBC affiliated association that is higher than bowlers entering average. The highest adjusted or established average must be used for handicap purposes. All adjustments must be reported, even if not accepted by the bowler. Alabama USBC Association may also file suspension charges with USBC Headquarters for violation of this rule. Bowlers who feel their average adjustment is unfair or unwarranted may submit in writing 30 days prior to commencement of the tournament for relief from this rule to the tournament manager, Loretta Stowers.

9. HANDICAP: Handicap will be computed on a basis of 90% of the difference between each individual average and scratch average of 220 in each event.

10. TOURNAMENT AWARDS: The following tournament awards will be presented:

a. CASH AWARDS Handicap Division: Cash awards will be made on a basis of one of eight places in teams, singles, and doubles events and one of ten places in paid all-events entries.  Prize Fund returned 100%.

b. 10% of Prize fee will be applied to scratch awards.

c. CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHIES will be presented to the champion in team,

singles, doubles, and all-events in both handicap and scratch divisions.

d. USBC MASTERS TOURNAMENT  The scratch all-events champion will have paid entry into the USBC Masters Tournament in 2018. In the event the champion cannot represent Alabama, the first runner-up will represent Alabama. In case of tie(s) the following method in determining the representative shall apply: (1) High scratch scores for series in singles, (2) High scratch series in doubles, (3) toss a coin.

11. MULTIPLE PARTICIPATION: A bowler may participate unlimited times in the team event with not more than three players on the same team.  A contestant's FIRST team score shall count in all-events total. A bowler may participate only once in the doubles event. No person may bowl on two teams on the same shift.

12. SCHEDULING: Entries will be scheduled for the shift requested (or if such shift has been filled, on the next shift available) in order of receipt in the hands of the tournament manager or by a post office as evidenced by postmark. The tournament may cancel a shift when deemed in the best interest of the bowlers. Additional shifts and times may be added upon entries and lane availability.

13. LINE UP CHANGES/REPORTING TIMES: Team captains, will be required to make line-up changes at least one hour prior to scheduled bowling time, and must present a certification of the substitute's average at that time. Line-up changes will not be permitted other than substitution. The substitute will bowl in the line-up position of the bowler being replaced. If no changes are to be made in the line-up team captains must report at least thirty (30) minutes prior to scheduled bowling time. ALUSBC policy concerning prize fund payments is to pay the person who bowled the event without regard to how the entry fee was paid. Any arrangements between bowlers concerning the actual bowling and payment of entry fees is beyond ALUSBC's ability to control.

14. STUDENTS PARTICIPATION: Unmarried grade and high school students who are under the age of 18 must have written consent (on an USBC approved form) of their parents or guardian to compete in any USBC CERTIFIED TOURNAMENT WHERE CASH OR MERCHANDISE PRIZES ARE OFFERED. Said written consent must be on file with the tournament manager at least one week before the bowler is eligible for tournament competition, unless the student is accompanied by his or her parent or guardian in which case the consent form may be completed up to the time the student starts to bowl (USBC Rule 13).

15. ALTERING THE SURFACE OF A BOWLING BALL by the use of  Abrasive while bowling in sanctioned competition is prohibited.  All bowling balls so altered must be removed from the competition. Any entrant in violation of USBC Rule 18 will forfeit game(s) in which the violation occurred and is subject to dismissal from the tournament as well as suspension of membership.

16. FOREIGN SUBSTANCE: the application of any foreign substance on any part of the approach is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, such substances as talcum powder, pumice, etc. Also soft rubber soles or heels that rub off on the approach. No rosin bags, hand conditioners, easy slides, etc. will be allowed in the pit (seated) area.

17. COURTESY: Only one (1) lane courtesy will be allowed. Only one bowling ball per bowler will be allowed on the ball return rack at any one time during the team event.

18. AUSBCA LIABILITY: The entrants whose names appear on the entry form or their authorized replacements hereby agree that the AUSBCA, its officers and agents shall be liable only to the extent of returning entry fees if, and when, these entrants shall be prevented from bowling in any event in the tournament through delay, unexpected yet necessary schedule change, or premature termination of the tournament, which may be brought about by war, national emergency or causes relating thereto or resulting there from fires, strikes, lockouts, labor difficulties or other causes beyond the control of ASUSBCA.


20. PAYMENTS:  Make all checks payable to AUSBCA.  A $30.00 fee will be charged for Returned Checks.  Entries with returned checks shall lose their place in the tournament schedule and will not be rescheduled until acceptable payment is made.

21. DRESS CODE:  Men and women may wear casual slacks, trousers, jeans and shorts.  The jeans should not have worn, cut, or tattered openings in inappropriate areas that show skin or underwear.  Shorts should fall within 3 inches of the knee.  During participation in any event, bowlers are not permitted to wear hats, bandannas, or any type of head wear.  If any bowler has a medical condition requiring some type of bandage or headgear they should contact the tournament manager for permission to wear.  Tournament management or designee will enforce the dress code. He/she will make judgment calls to the dress code question or concerns, and any circumstances surrounding such issues.  His/her decision shall be final.

22.  This tournament will use the recommended USBC White #1 oil pattern.

23. EARLY ENTRY DEADLINE.  Entries with more than (2) teams and (5) doubles must be received by FEBRUARY 20, 2017. 

ENTRY CLOSING DATE: Final closing date for entries is MARCH 1, 2016

24.  Loretta Stowers is the Tournament Manager.  Linda Bass and Mack Bazzell are the Tournament Directors.  Any problems should be directed to these tournament officials or their representatives.  All decisions by the Tournament Management are final.

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