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State Mixed Tournament
2017 Tournament Rules

1.  ELIGIBILITY:  Participation in the Alabama USBC Association Mixed Championship Tournament shall be available to all members of USBC-chartered local associations served by the State Association and all participants must be a member of a certified Alabama USBC league at least 30 days prior to entry closing date.  All entrants will be required to present their USBC membership cards
2.  MULTIPLE PARTICIPATION:  An entrant may participate multiple times in team and doubles, but must bowl both doubles and singles the first time bowling in doubles.  The first score bowled in each event will count toward all-events score.  For multiple participation, you must change two players in team and one player in doubles.  ON-SITE RE-ENTRY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.
3.  PARTICIPANTS - The tournament will consist of Mixed Team Events (two women and two men),  Mixed Doubles Event (one woman and one man), and separate women's and men's division on Singles and All-Events.  No more than one member holding a professional membership card (national or regional within the last 12 months) shall bowl on any team or doubles event.
4.  HANDICAP - 90% of the difference of the bowler's average and 220 will be used.
5. TOURNAMENT AWARDS:  Cash awards will be made on a basis of one of eight places in team, doubles and singles events and one of ten places in paid all-events entries.  Prize fund will be returned 100%, with 10% being applied to scratch awards in team, doubles and singles.
6. AVERAGES: Bowlers will use their highest certified league average consisting of at least twenty-one (21) or more games for the 2015-16 winter or summer season.
a. A bowler having a current season average for twenty-one (21) or more games in a sanctioned league as of January 1, 2017 that is ten (10) pins or more higher than the previous season's average must use the current season's average in this tournament.
b. A bowler without an average during the 2015-2016 season may use the highest current season average based on at least twenty-one (21) or more games bowled in a sanctioned league prior to January 1, 2017. Written verification is required.
c. A bowler who does not qualify under the above conditions must enter with an average of 220.
d. Each bowler will be required to verify and initial his/her submitted average as correct prior to the end of the first game bowled.  It shall be each entrant’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of his/her average in handicap tournaments whether originally submitted by the entrant, his/her team captain, or anyone else.  Failure to use the proper average shall disqualify the score if the submitted average is lower than the actual average.  Prize winnings will be based on the submitted average if it is higher than the actual average.
e. Average corrections can be made up to the end of the first game of a series. Or, if an extension of time has been granted in writing by tournament management before the end of the first game of a series, the correction can be made within 48 hours after the end of the series.
7 .  USBC Rule 319d, Reporting Prior Prize Winnings, and Rule 319e, Average Adjustment for Entry, will apply to all bowlers.
8.  AGE REQUIREMENT - Unmarried grade and high school students who have not attained the age of eighteen (18) must have written consent of their parents and/or guardian in order to participate (USBC Rule 13).
9.  DRESS CODE - Men and women may wear casual slacks, trousers, jeans and shorts. The jeans should not have worn, cut or tattered openings in inappropriate areas that show skin or underwear. Shorts should fall within 3 inches of the knee. During participation in any event, bowlers are not permitted to wear hats, bandannas, or any type of head wear. If any bowler has a medical condition requiring some type of bandage or headgear they should contact the tournament manager for permission to wear. Tournament management or designee will enforce the dress code. He/she will make judgment calls to the dress code question or concerns, and any circumstances surrounding such issues. His/her decision shall be final.
10.  PROBLEMS/DISPUTES - Any problems and/or disputes which may occur and are not covered by the above tournament rules or USBC rules shall be decided upon by the Tournament Manager.
11. PAYMENTS - Make all checks payable to Alabama USBC. A $30.00 fee will be charged for Returned Checks. Entries with returned checks shall lose their place in the tournament schedule and will not be rescheduled until acceptable payment is made.
12. FOREIGN SUBSTANCE: the application of any foreign substance on any part of the approach is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, such substances as talcum powder, pumice, etc.  Also, soft rubber soles or heels that rub off on the approach are not permitted. No rosin bags, hand conditioners, easy slides, etc. will be allowed in the pit (seated) area.
13.  ALTERING THE SURFACE OF A BOWLING BALL by the use of abrasives while bowling in sanctioned competition is prohibited. All bowling balls so altered must be removed from the competition. Any entrant in violation of USBC Rule 18 will forfeit game(s) in which the violation occurred and is subject to dismissal from the tournament as well as suspension of membership.
14.  This tournament will use the recommended USBC White #1 oil pattern.


Loretta Stowers, Tournament Manager Barry Beavers, Tournament Director
256-543-9658 256-577-2943

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