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Alabama USBC Association

 USBC Association
State Senior Tournament
Alabama State USBC Association
Conducted by the
Alabama State USBC Bowling Association
Hosted by
Central Alabama USBC

You may bowl Doubles and Singles on same day or on different days

Separate Open and Women's Divisions in Singles, Doubles, and All Events

Bowling/Expense Fee: $16.00
Prize Fee: $19.00
TOTAL $35.00
HANDICAP ALL-EVENTS (Optional) $5.00
Multiple Entries permitted in Team and Doubles (See Rule #4)

October 14 - 15, 2023
October 21- 22, 2023
October 28 - 29, 2023

 Alabama USBC Association

To be held at:

Bowlero Montgomery
1661 Eastern Blvd
Montgomery, AL 36117

Alabama USBC Association

Squad Times Any Event Any Squad Six Classifications
Saturday October 14, 21, 28 9:00 AM, 1:00 PM Super Senior - 75 & Over Years of Age
Sunday, October 15, 22, 29 9:00 AM, 1:00 PM Class A - 70-74 Years of Age
    Class B - 65-69 Years of Age
    Class C - 60-64 Years of Age
    Class D - 55-59 Years of Age
    Class E - 50-54 Years of Age


Mail Entries to:
Alabama USBC Bowling Association
Attn: Loretta Stowers, Tournament Manager
3023 Waters Ave.
Gadsden, AL 35904
Phone: (256) 543-9658

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO Alabama State USBC Bowling Association

Tournament Standings

Prize Fund

State Senior Tournament Entry Form

You will need Adobe Acrobat to read and print the entry form.
Get Acrobat Reader

2023 State Senior Tournament Rules

1.   This tournament will consist of Teams (4 person), Doubles, Singles and All-Events events.  These events will be treated as separate events and bowled on separate squads. This tournament is open to all sanctioned Alabama USBC Bowling Association members who were 50 years of age as of August 1st.
2.   The tournament has an Open Division and a Women's Division.  Men bowl in the Open Division.  Women may bowl in the Women's Division or the Open Division or they may bowl in both.  Women will be put in the Women's Division unless they declare otherwise.  If a woman bowls with a man in doubles, that will be considered an Open Division entry.  Scores bowled in the Open Division by a woman do not count towards Women's Division All-Events or any other Women's event.

3.    Divisions: Singles and All-Events will be subdivided into 6 age groups for Women and 6 age groups for Open Division as shown on front of the entry form. The division will be determined by your age as of August 1st of the current year.

4.    Multiple participation is permitted in Teams and Doubles events only.  First time bowled in Doubles will count towards All-Events.  Multiple Doubles entrants may bowl only one time with the same partner in the Open Division and Women's Division.  Team event does not count towards All-Events.  Team event may be any combination of male and female bowlers.  No more than two members may bowl on the same team in the Team Event.

5.    Champions of Handicap All-Events in ALL divisions shall win a paid entry into the National Senior Tournament.  In case of tie(s) the following method in determining the representative for the entry to the National Tournament shall apply: (1) High scratch series in Singles, (2) High scratch series in Doubles, (3) toss a coin.  Should the champion be unable or not wish to attend the tournament, the right will go to the next bowler in the standings.  Each bowler that participates in the National Tournament will receive paid entry, a shirt and $150.00 expense money. 

6.    AVERAGES: Bowlers will use their highest certified league average consisting of at least twenty-one (21) or more games for the 2022-23 winter or summer season. The 10-pin rule of 319a (2) is waived. 
  a. A bowler without an average during the 2022-23 winter or summer season may use the highest current season average based on at least twenty-one (21) or more games bowled in a certified league as of October 15, 2023. Written verification is required. Copy of league standing sheet is acceptable.
  b. A bowler who does not qualify under the above conditions must enter with an average of 220.
  c. All bowlers will be required to verify and initial their submitted averages as correct prior to the end of the first game bowled. It is each bowler's responsibility to determine that the submitted average is correct. Failure to use the proper average shall disqualify score if the submitted average is lower than the actual average thereby resulting in more handicap or position standings will be based on submitted average if it is higher.
  d. Average corrections can be made up to the end of the first game of a series. Or, if an extension of time has been granted in writing by tournament management before the end of the first game of a series, the correction can be made within 48 hours after the end of the series.

7.  FALSIFYING AVERAGES: The team captain is responsible for reporting all averages for the individual members of their team, and they in turn are responsible to the captain. Should it be determined that at any time the averages have been falsified, the team shall forfeit all claims for prize money and entry fee and will be subject to suspension from organized bowling.

8.    AVERAGE RE-RATING: The tournament manager reserves the right to re-rate average under USBC rules 319, b, c, d, and e.   A bowler who has qualified for a prize of $300.00 or more in any event in a tournament within the previous 12-month period must report actual scores, position and amount won to the tournament manager at time of entry for possible re-rating. Such re-rating must be accomplished before the entrant bowls and if not accepted by the entrant, the entry fee shall be refunded. Failure to comply with either of these provisions shall be cause to forfeit tournament entry fee and prize winnings.

9.   Bowlers are required to report to tournament manager or tournament director any adjustments (re-rating) of their average by another tournament or a USBC affiliated association that is higher than bowler's entering average.  The highest adjusted or established average must be used for handicap purposes. All adjustments must be reported, even if not accepted by the bowler.  Alabama USBC Association may also file suspension charges with USBC Headquarters for violation of this rule.  Bowlers who feel their average adjustment is unfair or unwarranted may request relief from this rule by submitting a written request to the tournament manager, Loretta Stowers, at least 30 days prior to the start of the tournament.

10.   Handicap will be 90% of the difference between bowler's average and 220.

11.   Prize fund: All prizes will be awarded on a handicap basis.  At least one prize for each six (6) entries in Team, Doubles and Singles events and one prize for each ten (10) entries in All-Events.  All-Events consists of Doubles and Singles scores only.  Scratch champions will receive plaques only.

12.   Foreign Substance: the application of any foreign substance on any part of the approach is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, such substances as talcum powder, pumice, etc.  Also, soft rubber soles or heels that rub off on the approach are not permitted. No rosin bags, hand conditioners, easy slides, etc. will be allowed in the pit (seated) area.

13.  USBC Rule 18 will be strictly enforced.

15.  Unless stated to the contrary above, all United States Bowling Congress Rules and Regulations will govern this tournament.

16.   Payments:  Make all checks payable to AUSBCA.  A $30.00 fee will be charged for Returned Checks.  Entries with returned checks shall lose their place in the tournament schedule and will not be rescheduled until acceptable payment is made

17. The oil pattern for this year's tournament is Stonehenge.

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