USBC Central Alabama Association 9th Women's Open Tournament Rules

1. Rules: United States Bowling Congress (USBC) rules and regulations will govern this tournament unless otherwise stated.

 2. Eligibility: Participation shall be available to all CAA adult female bowlers certified for the 2014-2015 season and in good standing. The Tournament Director reserves the right to deny participation to any individual that fails to provide adequate proof of current certification.

3. Tournament Dates: The tournament will be held on April 11 -12, 2015, 9:00 am & 12:30 pm, at Brunswick Zone, Montgomery.    Entry Closing Date is: April 09, 2015. Additional entries will be allowed during the tournament dates. Additional and late entries will be assessed a processing fee of $5.00 per entry and are subject to lane availability. 

4. Tournament Composition: This tournament will consist of a Team Event (4 members), a Doubles Event (2 members), a Singles Event (Individual) and an Optional All Events Scratch & Handicap. In order to enter the optional All Events, a bowler must bowl in the Team, Doubles and Singles events.

5. Entry Fee: Will be $25.00 per bowler per event with a $5.00 optional fee for Scratch and a $5.00 optional fee for Handicap All-Events. Entry fee distribution – Lineage: $8.00, Prize Fund: $13.00, Expenses: $4.00. Prize fund fees for Team, Doubles and Singles event will be returned 100% with a1:6 Ratio. All Events Prize Fund of $4.00: Expenses $1.00 will be returned $100% in each category with a 1:10 Ratio.

6. Tournament Average: Bowlers will use their highest USBC 2013-2014 certified average of 21 games or more of the Fall, Winter, or Summer league whether bowled as a regular member, or substitute. Rule 319e (Average Adjustment for Tournament Entry) is in effect.  The composite average rule of 319a (1) and the 10 pin rule of 319a (2) are both waived as authorized by rule 319a.

  1. A bowler without a 2013-2014 USBC certified average of 21 games or more must use their highest current certified league average of 21 games or more as of March 29, 2015.  Average verification with League Secretary Signature is required.
  2. A bowler without a 2013-2014 USBC certified yearbook average or a current league average of 21 games or more as of the average cutoff date in paragraph 6(a) will bowl scratch.

7. Average Verification:Each team member is responsible for providing the team captain with the correct tournament average. The team captain in-turn is responsible for reporting all averages for the individual members of their team. All team members are required to verify and initial submitted averages prior to the completion of the first game of the first series bowled. Corrections must be identified prior to end of first game of the first series bowled. If the submitted average is lower than required and results in a lower classification or more handicap, the bowler’s score will be disqualified. If the submitted average is higher than required, tournament standings will be based on the submitted average.

8. Average Re-Rating: The Tournament Director reserves the right to re-rate a participant’s tournament entering average under USBC rule 319e (Average Adjustment for Tournament Entry). A bowler who has qualified for a prize of $600.00 or more in any event of any tournament within the previous 12 month period must report actual scores, position and amount won to the Tournament Director at time of entry.  Re-rating must be accomplished and presented to participant prior to the participant bowling. Should the participant not accept the re-rated average, entry fee shall be refunded. Failure to comply with these provisions will constitute in a forfeiture of entry fee and prize money.

Note: Average re-rating applies to Tournament, Brackets and Nassau scores.

9.  Tournament Handicap:  Will be 90% of 240.

10. Multiple Participation: A bowler will be allowed multiiple entries in the Team, Doubles and Singles events, providing two members are changed in the line-up for the Team event and a different partner is used for each Doubles event.  Singles can only cash once.

11. Squad Scheduling: All entries shall be scheduled on a first come first served basis for the shift requested in the order of receipt in the hands of the Association Manager or by the post office postmark. The Association Manager reserves the right to cancel a shift if deemed in the best interest of the tournament. However, additional shifts and times may be added to scheduled tournament dates if necessary based on number of entries received and lane availability.  Once an entry is processed and assigned to a squad, a process fee of $5.00 will be charged to reschedule days and times bowled.

12. Line-Up and Check-In: Once entry form has been processed, lanes assigned, and confirmation sent, no refunds will be given.  Substitutes must bowl in the position of the member being replaced. Bowlers must check-in no earlier than one hour before the scheduled squad.  After tournament play has started, late bowlers will receive a zero for each frame missed.

13. Dress Code: Entrants are required to wear suitable attire during tournament participation. Clothing which advertises obscene/rude gestures or displays offensive writing on it will not be worn. Hats, visors, bandanas, halter tops, tank tops, or miniskirts will not be worn while participating in the tournament.  Knee length shorts and skirts may be worn.   Dress code will be strictly enforced by the Tournament Director and his/her decision is final.

14. Abrasives: In accordance with USBC Rule 18 (Bowling Ball-Altering Surface) the use of abrasives on the surface of bowling balls during tournament play will result in disqualification of the bowler.

15. Lane Courtesy: Only one lane of courtesy will be allowed during tournament play. Only one bowling ball per bowler will be allowed on the ball return rack during the tournament.

16. Injury/Emergency: If an entrant is unable to complete competition during the Team or Doubles event due to illness or injury, a substitute will be permitted if available and the combined score will count. If a substitute is not available the actual score of the frames bowled shall count. Substitutions made are subject to the approval of the Tournament Director.

17.  Ties: In the case of a tie for first place in any event, Co-Champions will be declared based on total pin fall plus handicap.  USBC Rule 326a (1) will apply. The cash prizes for the positions affected are to be equally divided.

18. Lane Dressing:  Lanes will be dressed before each squad using the Standard House Pattern.

19.  Bowler of the Year Points:  Participants in this tournament will be awarded Bowler of the Year points at one point per paid event.  For example, bowling in two team events, two doubles, singles and all-events would earn six (6) points. Points will also be awarded for the top ten positions in each event, based on a sliding scale of 10-1.

20.  Disputes/Protests: Any disputes or protest which may occur and are not covered by the above tournament rules or USBC rules shall be submitted in writing to the Association Manager before the tournament prize payments are made. All disputes regarding scoring must be reported within 24 hours of scores being posted. Any decision of the Tournament Committee shall be final unless an appeal is made in accordance with USBC Rule 329.


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