USBC Central Alabama Association 9th Youth Open Tournament Rules

1. Rules: All USBC rules regarding tournament play shall govern this tournament unless otherwise stated.  All youth bowlers must be current members of the Central Alabama USBC Association, in good standing and are required to be certified for the 2014-2015 season.


2. Entrants: Will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. No more than 3 bowlers will be assigned to a lane during the Doubles/Singles Event of this Tournament.


3. Tournament Format: Tournament format will consist of a Team Event (4 youth members), a Doubles Event (2 youth members), and a Singles Event (individual competition). All participants will bowl a 3 game series for each event.


4. Bumpers Bowlers:  Will only bowl 2 games for the entire tournament.  They may bowl their 2 games on Saturday 22nd at 11:00am.  Bumpers will bowl scratch.  Awards will be a Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal for the top three and participation medals for all other Bumpers.


5. Entry Fee: Entry fee for youth will be $12.00 per bowler, per event with a $3.00 optional fee for all-events. Distribution of fees will be as follows: Linage: $7.00 per bowler per event Expenses: $5.00 per bowler per event.


6. Awards: Scholarships for the top 3 in each division and at a 1:6 ratio thereafter. Youth bowlers may receive only (1) one tournament award, with the highest award taking precedence. Tournament participation medals may be ordered for $5.00.


7. Tournament Date: Tournament will be held on November 22 & 23, 2014 at Bama Lanes Prattville.   ENTRY CLOSING DATE IS: November 8, 2014.


8. Tournament Check-In and Start: Check-in for the tournament will be no earlier than one (1) hour prior to squad start time and no later than the start of the first game.


9. Code of Conduct: There will be no use of tobacco products, to include smokeless by youth bowlers while participating in the tournament. Abusive language will not be tolerated. The sale and consumption of alcohol beverages will not be permitted while tournament is in session. Bowlers who misuse or abuse center or personal equipment, engages in obscene body motions, uses inappropriate language or is caught behaving in an inappropriate manner will receive one warning, second infraction will result in immediate disqualification from tournament. Bowlers are not allowed to play coin operated or handheld amusement machines, or listen to any video or audio equipment during tournament play. Cell phones & electronic devices are not allowed in the bowler’s area and will not be used by bowlers while participating in tournament.


10. Dress Code: Youth will not wear apparel or use bowling equipment depicting alcohol, tobacco, gambling, an illegal substance or inappropriate language/gestures during competition.  See Rule 301b. No hats or headgear of any kind will be worn.  Sunglasses will not be worn during play unless written medical reason is provided. 

  1. Nice jeans, dress pants or Khaki’s will be worn.  No baggy and/or torn pants allowed.Knee length shorts and skirts may be worn.
  2. A collar shirt/blouse is required (however, the wear of official USBC youth jerseys and adult tournament or league shirts are authorized)
  3. During tournament play, any participant found to be in violation of the dress code will immediately be disqualified and will be removed from competition.  Bowler will not be eligible to receive a refund.

Dress code will be strictly enforced by the Tournament Director and his/her decision is final.


11. Tournament Average: Proof of current certification for all bowlers must be presented at check-in. All bowlers will use their highest 2013-2014 winter or 2014 summer USBC average of 21 games or more. Averages must be verified by Youth League Coordinator prior to submitting entry. 

  1. A bowler without a 2013-2014 winter or 2014 summer USBC average may use their highest current average of 12 games or more as of November 8, 2014.
  2.  A bowler without a 2013-2014 winter or 2014 summer USBC average or a current average of 12 games or more as November 8, 2014 will bowl scratch.

12. Handicap: The tournament handicap will be 100% of 210.


13. Average Verification: The Youth League Coordinator of each Center will be responsible for providing the Association Manager with a current league standing sheet for each youth league at their Center no later than November 8, 2014. If the submitted average on the tournament entry is lower than required and results in a lower division or more handicap, the bowler’s score will be disqualified from the tournament. If the submitted average on the tournament entry is higher than required; standings will be based on submitted average.  


14. Substitutes: Known substitutes should report 45 minutes prior to squad time and must have proof of certification and average verification.  Bowlers must be on appropriate lane ready to bowl at posted starting time.  No exception and no refunds.   Bowlers shall remain available to bowl in turn and if absent at their turn may receive a pin fall of zero (0) for that frame.


15. Injury/Emergency: If an entrant is unable to complete competition during the Team or Doubles event of a tournament due to illness or injury, a substitute will be permitted if available and the combined score will count. If a substitute is not available the actual score of the frames bowled shall count. Substitutions made are subject to the approval of the Tournament Director.


16. Tournament Scoring: Bowlers and Tournament officials only are allowed in the bowler’s area.  Computer printout of scores will be the only official score for tournament standings.  A tournament official must correct scoring errors by electronic scoring equipment.  Tournament officials will verify all recaps of official score sheets.


17. Tournament Entries: Entries will not be accepted without fees.  Incomplete entries will not be processed and will be returned to Youth League Coordinator. Entry fees will not be refunded once the entry has been processed.  Blind scores are not allowed.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


18. Non Sufficient Funds Checks: The owner of a check returned to the Association for Non Sufficient Funds will be charged an additional handling and processing fee of $35.00 above the original amount of the check and any additional fees charged by the bank to the Association related to check returned for Non Sufficient Funds and will not be authorized to pay by check for any other Association Tournaments.


19. Tournament Divisions: Tournament Divisions in the Team event will be Division I (612 & above), Division II (504-611), Division III (400-503), and Division IV (399 & below). In the

Doubles event the divisions will be Division I (306 & above), Division II (252-305), Division III (200-251), and Division IV (199 & below). In the Singles event the divisions will be Division I (153 & above), Division II (126-152), Division III, (100-125), and Division IV (99 & below). If there are not at least four (4) entries for a division in an event, that division will not be offered, and the divisions will be reconstructed.


20.  Lane Dressing:  Lanes will be dressed using the White #1 Pattern.


21.  USBC Rule Waivers:  The composite average rule of 319a(1)(b) and the 10 pin rule of 319a(2) are both waived as authorized by Rule 319a.


22. Disputes: Any disputes or protests which may occur and are not covered by the above tournament rules or USBC rules shall be submitted in writing to the Association Manager within 24 hours of the posting of the tournament official standings. Any decision of the Association Manager shall be final unless an appeal is made to USBC in accordance with Rule 329.

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