DixieBelles 53rd Annual
Dixie Belle Championships

 Questions or comments can be directed to the Tournament Manager.

1. All entrants in the Dixiebelle Tournament must be members in good standing of their local and state associations and the USBC. Unmarried grade or high school students who have not reached the age of 18 must furnish written consent signed by a parent or guardian. The consent shall be on a USBC approved form and shall be on file with the tournament manager at least one week before the bowler is eligible for tournament competition, unless the student is accompanied by her parent or guardian in which case the parental consent form may be filed up to the time the student begins competition.

2. Bowlers who identify themselves as professionals or who are members or who apply for membership in any professional or semi- professional bowler organization on or after August 1 preceding this tournament shall not be eligible for participation in this tournament.

3. Entrants must use their HIGHEST USBC sanctioned league average based on a minimum of 21 games as of the end of the 2014-2015 season. Where average records are published by the local association, the book average will be recognized as official. If she has no winter average, an entrant shall use the highest average of the 2014 summer season provided she has bowled 21 games or more. If no 2014/2015 winter or 2015 summer average has been established, an entrant shall use her current average for 21 games or more as of October 26, 2015. An entrant without a 21 game average as of October 26, 2015 must bowl scratch. THE ENTRANT MUST USE HER HIGHEST SANCTIONED LEAGUE AVERAGE WHETHER BOWLED AS A REGULAR MEMBER OR AS A SUBSTITUTE. USBC Rule #319-(b) DOES NOT APPLY. If an entrant is a member of another local association, the secretary of the association must also verify her membership and average. If an entrant carries a higher average in another association, that local association secretary must verify her averages. ALL VERIFICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH THE ENTRY. ATTACH A SEPARATE SHEET IF NECESSARY.

4. It shall be the bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of her average, whether originally submitted by the bowler, her team captain or others. Failure to use the correct average shall disqualify her score. Prize winnings shall be based on the submitted average if it is higher than the correct average. All averages must be verified within 10 days after bowling.

5. Handicap shall be based on 90% of the difference between each bowler’s average and 220.

6. Multiple participation in team event is allowed. No more than two bowlers on the same team can place more than once in the prize list. Bowlers may bowl multiple in doubles with new partners. Participants may cash only one time with the same partner.

7. Lanes will be assigned by the tournament manger. No change in the schedule will be made except in the case of an emergency and must be approved by the tournament manager. In order to be scheduled at the same time, teams doubling together should send entries and fees in the same envelope. Teams that wish to cross lanes together shall submit their entry forms and fees in the same envelope with their written request to cross lanes.

8. Team captains shall report to the tournament manager at least 30 min. before scheduled time to bowl. A substitute must be reported to the tournament manager at least one hour before scheduled time to bowl. No changes will be made in the line-up except those involving substitutes. Paid all-events are not transferable unless the substitute replaces the original entrant in all three events and the transfer is made by the tournament manager prior to the time of the substitutes’ participation in any event. 9. An entrant arriving late will be permitted to bowl, with her scores to count with the first frame bowled. Previous frames will be scored as zero.

10. The prize fund will be returned 100% based on one prize for each ten-(10) entries in team, doubles, and singles. Fifteen percent (15%) of the prize fund will be distributed for scratch prizes in team, doubles, and singles. All-Events prize fund will be equally divided between Scratch and Handicap and will be returned at 100% based on one-(1) prize for each ten-(10) entries. Note: All prize money will be mailed to the Team Captain for disbursement.

11. Any bowler who has won $600.00 or more (cash or merchandise) in any event in any sanctioned tournament withen the previous 12 month period must report actual scores, position, and amount won to the tournament manager at the time of bowling for possible re-rating. USBC Rule 319d. Any bowler who has been re-rated by a tournament manager or association must report average adjustment when entry is submitted. The tournament manager reserves the right to re-rate ant entrant prior to bowling. Failure to comply with these provisions is cause for forfeiture of entry fee and prize winnings, which will be carried over to the prize fund of the next Tournament year.

12. Out of town bowlers will be given time preference. Additional squads will be added if necessary. After entries have been accepted, no entry fee will be refunded.

13. The tournament manager has the right to refuse any entries and has final decision on all matters pertaining to this tournament unless an appeal is made in accordance with USBC Rule #329.

14. Entry fees are $22.00 per person per event. The $22.00 entry fee covers $7.50 bowling, $10.50 prize fund, and $4.00 expense fee. Optional All-Events is $6.00 and is for scratch and handicap as outlined in Rule #10.

15. Tournament games cannot be re-bowled

16. Re-entry bowling for teams, doubles, & singles will be allowed provided the lanes are available and the tournament manager is notified at least 1 hour before starting time. Note: teams and doubles that make no changes in their line-up (per rule #6) can only cash in one place regardless of the number of times they have bowled. Re-entry is allowed for those that pre-entered the tournament. No walk-ins allowed to bowl in a re-entry. Singles can cash in only one place in the Single event.

17. First team & doubles event will be used to determine all-events score. Entrants in the doubles event must bowl in the singles and vice versa. (See rule #6 for re-entry guidelines & requirements) All-Events is optional.

18. The 10 pin rule does not apply

19. Premature termination of the tournament brought about by war, national emergency or emergency causes relating thereto or therefrom, fire, natural disaster or any other reason beyond the control of the DixieBelle Championships shall cause, to the extent required thereby, all advertised prizes, guaranteed or otherwise, to be prorated in accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled in each of the respective events up to the time of such termination.


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