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12th Annual
Ladies East Coast Classic Tournament

  1.  PARTICIPATION - All Bowlers must be female USBC member in good standing.  Any female USBC Bowler may enter.  Two professional bowlers may bowl on a team, but not together as doubles.  Participation Fee may be purchased for $5.00.
  2.  DOUBLES/SINGLES EVENT - Bowlers entering doubles must enter singles and vice versa.  Doubles and Singles will be bowled consecutively, without any time break between the two events.  Doubles and Singles will be bowled two to four bowlers per lane.  Doubles and Singles will be bowled on the same pair of lanes. You may enter Doubles and Singles only once.  Singles will be bowled first.
  3. TEAM EVENT - Bowlers may enter the 4 member team event twice, but no more than two members may bowl together on the same team.  Highest team score bowled counts toward All-Events score.  If teams wish to bowl with each other, a note must accompany entry.
  4. The Team and Doubles lineup, as submitted on the entry form will be assigned order of bowling.  Changes on score sheets by bowlers or score keepers will be cause for forfeit.  Only Tournament Officials may make changes in lineup before bowling starts.
  5. SUBSTITUTIONS - Substitutions will be allowed and must be made at least one hour prior to the scheduled bowling time with verification of average.  Substitutes shall take the place of the original entrant.   Substitutes will be entitled to any prize monies or awards earned from her competition.  Substitutes will not be liable for any reimbursement of entry fees, prize money or awards to the original entrant.  Paid All-Events are not transferable unless substitute replaces original entrant in all three events.
  6.  Entrants arriving late will be permitted to bowl with scores to count beginning with the frame in which she starts to bowl.  No practice shots will be allowed after tournament play begins.
  7. AVERAGES - Entrants shall use her highest USBC certified league average as of the end of the 2013-14 winter season based on a minimum of 21 games.  If no 2013-14 winter average was established or the average cannot be verified, entrant shall use her highest current USBC league average of 21 games or more as of April 11, 2015.  Entrant must use her highest USBC average regardless of whether bowled as a regular member or a substitute.  Verified average change must be submitted prior to bowling.  Entrants not qualifying under these rules may bowl scratch.
  8. USBC Rules 319A2, C, D, & E WILL APPLY (Reporting Prize Winnings, Average Adjustment, and The Ten Pin Rule).  Also Rule 319a(3) and (4) and 319b WILL APPLY.
  9. HANDICAP - Handicap will be 90% of difference between the entrants highest USBC average and 210.  There will be a maximum handicap of 229 (Average 125) for three (3) games.
10. Entries close midnight May 16, 2015.  After an entry has been accepted by the Tournament Officials, entry fees cannot be refunded.  The Tournament Officials reserves the right to reject any entry and return any entry fees.  No late entries will be accepted.  NOTE:  All entries postmarked the first post office business day after the entry closing date shall be accepted.  ONLY CERTIFIED CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS ACCEPTED.
11. Entrants will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.  Teams doubling together should send entries and fees in one envelop.
12. Entrants of any event not paired with other entrants shall bowl as though contested.  Anchor bowler must have completed her frame on one lane before the lead-off bowler begins the next frame.
13. PRIZE FUND RETURNED 100%.  The prize ratio will be on a 1:10 ratio for the Team, Doubles, and Singles events.  A 1:20 ratio will be used for both the Handicap and Scratch All-Events.
14. Any protests affecting eligibility, average, or general playing rules shall be governed by USBC Rule 329.
15. DRESS CODE - Entrants are requested to wear suitable attire when participating in this Tournament.  NO HALTER TOPS, TANK TOPS, CROP TOPS, OR MINI-SKIRTS WILL BE ALLOWED.  ALL SHORTS WORN MUST BE NO SHORTER THAN 2 ½ INCHES ABOVE THE KNEECAP.
16. Additional squads may be added during the course of the Tournament as deemed necessary by Tournament Management, but no squad shall be added after the last advertised squad time.
17.  Bowlers  WILL NOT be allowed to smoke during tournament play.


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