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AlabamaBowling.Com E-Mail Services

We offer two types of e-mail services: Web-based POP accounts and forwarding accounts
@AlabamaBowling.Com POP account
POP Account Forwarding Account
Access via e-mail client (Eudora, Outlook Express, Netscape, etc or a Web browser No access.  Will forward to your current e-mail account
$10 per year $10 one time charge
Your e-mail client or web browser to read mail; no ads No change.  Read your current e-mail.
Nothing extra added.  You can add your own signature file with your e-mail client. Nothing extra is done except forward the mail to your existing account.
Can compose and read e-mail while off-line with your e-mail client.  Must be connected to the Internet to access via webmail. If you are forwarding your e-mail to another POP account, you can access your e-mail off-line.  If you are forwarding to another web based system, you cannot access e-mail off-line

Sign up for an POP account.
There is a $10 annual charge for a POP account. You will be invoiced each year.

Sign up for an forwarding account.
There is a $10 one-time charge to set up e-mail forwarding. 

AlabamaBowling.Com uses credit card payments through PayPal.
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free, and secure!

What happened to AlabamaBowling.Org web mail?
This service was provided by a third party. Due to the large number of accounts being solicited for the explicit purpose of sending SPAM, it was determined that this service was not worth the hassles of dealing with complaints from the Internet community concerning this service. I'm sorry but there were too many users ruining the name of AlabamaBowling by distributing SPAM.

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