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Tuscaloosa USBC 2016 Women City Tournament Rules

1.  This tournament is certified by USBC.  Entry is open to all female Tuscaloosa USBC members.   All members must have joined an association league at least 15 days prior to bowling in the tournament.  **ADVANCE ENTRIES NOT REQUIRED—SIGN UP ON SITE, ENTRIES CLOSE 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO SQUAD TIME**


2.  The tournament shall consist of a 4-WOMAN TEAM EVENT, SINGLES & DOUBLES, and ALL EVENTS.  Three consecutive games shall be bowled in each event and total pins shall decide the winner.  The total of nine games bowled will determine the all-events winners for handicap and scratch divisions.

3.  Entrants shall use last year’s highest league average of 21 games or more.  In the event you do not have a sanctioned league average from last year, you must use your highest current sanctioned league average of 21 games or more as of 1 January.  A bowler not meeting the 21-game requirement before 1 January but achieving 21 games by 27 January may use that average.  10-pin rule applies:  If your current average of 21 games or more as of 1 January exceeds your highest average from last year by 10 pins or more, you will enter with your current average in accordance with USBC Rule 319a.  A bowler not meeting any of the above conditions must enter at an average of 220.  The Association Manager will verify all averages of prize winners before any awards are given.  USBC Rule 319a states failure to use the proper average shall disqualify score if submitted average is lower than actual average thereby resulting in a lower classification or more handicap.  USBC rule 319d and 319e are in effect for this tournament—bowlers are responsible for reporting winnings and tournament scores from the previous 12 months prior to bowling for possible average adjustment.


4.  Handicap will be computed on a basis of 90% of the difference between each individual average and 220 per game for a three-game set. [(220 - avg.) x 3] x .90

5.  Entry fee will be $20.00 per person for Team Event, $20.00 per person for Doubles and $20.00 per person for Singles.  Of this $20.00 fee, $10.00 will pay bowling lineage fees and $10.00 will go into the prize fund.  Both all-events are optional—entry fee for All-Events Handicap is $5.00 and All-Events Scratch is $5.00.  Ratio for prize payout will be one out of every five entries.  ENTRY FORMS AND FEES: ADVANCE ENTRIES NOT REQUIRED—SIGN UP ON SITE, ENTRIES CLOSE  30 MINUTES PRIOR TO SQUAD TIME.  Mail advance entry forms with payment to Tuscaloosa USBC, PO Box 3164, Tuscaloosa AL 35403, or give to front desk at Leland Lanes and AMF Bama Lanes to be placed in the Association mailbox.  Make checks payable to Tuscaloosa USBC.  DO NOT MAIL CASH. ($20.00 fee for returned checks)


6.  MULTIPLE PARTICIPATION:  An entrant may participate multiple times in team and doubles, but must bowl both doubles and singles the first time bowling in doubles.  The first score bowled in each event will count toward all-events score.  For multiple participation, the following rules apply:

TEAM:  At least two players in the lineup must be different. DOUBLES: At least one player in the lineup must be different.


7.  Check-in time and registration time is at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled bowling time.  Tardy players will start in the frame being bowled, with 0 score for each frame missed.

8.  Doubles and Singles will be bowled on one pair of lanes, and Doubles will be bowled first.  If a Doubles partner has not arrived by start time and a substitute cannot be found, the bowler present will be allowed to bowl in order for her scores to count in ALL EVENTS.


9.  When ties for first place occur, co-champions will be declared and prize money will be combined and divided equally.

10.  Any unmarried grade or high school student who has not attained the age of 18 must fill out a parental consent form and obtain approval from the President and Association Manager of the Tuscaloosa USBC for entry into this tournament prior to participation. (USBC Rule 13)

11.  Any protests affecting eligibility or playing rules must be submitted in writing in accordance with USBC Rule 329. 


12.  It is the duty of the Tuscaloosa USBC Board of Directors to conduct the tournament under the direction of the Association Manager.  The Tournament Committee shall decide any questions not covered by these tournament rules.

13.  Premature termination of the tournament brought about by war, national emergency relating thereto or therefrom fire, natural disaster, or other reasons beyond the control of Tuscaloosa USBC Association shall cause all advertised prizes to be prorated in accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled in each of the respective events up to the time of such termination.

Tournament Committee

Bob Gambrell – Chairman

Jim Spitzley

Joyce Chappell

Mindy Walker

Brenda Hitt





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